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So far you know it in such a way:
Kitchen work-with ways like a marathoner.
This belongs now to the past!
You don't need to walk to the stove the stove comes to you!



 On the way to perfection

  • Compact due to revolving units: the complete work area may be reached from a sitting or standing position.

  • Convenient despite the small size, a storage capacity equivalent to 12 cupboards of a conventional kitchen.

  • Easy to hide behind closing doors

  • User friendly, no annoying doors in the way whilst working in the kitchen, no deep cupboards.

  • Everything visible, appliances and kitchen contents are clearly visible.

  • No need to plan

  • Receive a 3-year guarantee for the joinery (excluding appliances)

Open and turn the kitchen with the cursor.

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Maximum functionality on smallest space



The circular kitchen is being produced in accordance with the latest technologies.

 The circular kitchen consists of:

  • Outer circular wall with fixed rear wall and sliding doors (180° opening).
  • The 180° rotating inner ring, equipped with the conveniences of a conventional kitchen! You are able to access all appliances by turning the inner ring, even if your dishwasher is in operation or the water tap is turned on.
  • The upper area consists of a 360° rotating shelf, to house crockery, glasses, stores etc.
  • The supply of electronics, water and discharges

The product is constantly developed further. Subject to alteration.


 Basic structure

The circular kitchen will be delivered as a modular construction system in easy to transport package units. Craft skilled persons are able to assemble and install the circular kitchen within a short time.

Connection of electrical appliances and plumbing has to be carried out by qualified professionals.

The circular kitchen comes
in the following basic structure:
(without appliances)

Circular wooden kitchen, basic structure with rear wall without sliding doors
Electrical installation with fuse box
Power and water supply installation kit
Lighting set
Round stainless steel sink
Chrome single lever mixe
Powerdock vertical
Railing in stainless steel
(The appliances are specified separately for the respective model)

This kitchen can also be equipped alternatively with freestanding appliances in own contribution.

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Circular kitchen

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